15 FREE Photo Envelopes (Funeral Homes Only)

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Empty Photo Envelopes direct families to TributeSlides.com, a generic website, where families select a theme, licensed music, and then return to you photos of their loved one. These envelope order forms trigger additional product sales which save you time and make you money.

Before providing the envelopes to families, funeral homes are encouraged to complete three important sections of the envelope order form including:

1. The maximum quantity of photos that will be accepted

2. The date in which the photos must be returned

3. The name of the deceased, written along the top of each envelope for alphabetization and vertical storage

Each Photo Envelope pack contains fifteen (15) 9x12 sealable catalog envelopes, sufficiently large for most photographs. To order customized envelopes with your funeral home's unique brand and/or requirements, call Tukios at 801-682-4391. Envelopes are free for funeral-related organizations that have signed up with Tukios.com (no sign-up cost required).