Mi Box for Direct Delivery

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The Mi Box is the hardware needed for the Tukios Direct Delivery Service.*

Once you receive your Mi Box you will need to download the Tukios Direct Delivery app from the Google Play Store. Once the app has installed it will give you a code that we will use to connect the Mi Box to your Tukios account. 

This game-changing solution will save you time, money, and stress that can be caused by burning DVDs at the last minute. 

One commonly asked question we get is "Can I still burn DVDs for the family?" The answer to that is, absolutely yes! We aren't replacing any features that we currently have, this is an offering to make things much more convenient for getting a video from the web to your TV.

One other bonus is that the videos playing via Direct Delivery are in High Definition! It's time to put that HD TV you have to full use!

(*Nexus Players will still work for Direct Delivery as it runs on the same app and operating system.)